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It's time for a change. Let's REFine THE WAY WE CONNECt.



You've asked. You've waited. You've received.


We've created Refined By Suher, a San Diego based company for locals in the wedding industry to meet and connect at the best taco spots and coffee shops in town. We've scouted, sat, worked, and networked at the finest locations in town and attended the hottest events possible! It's been a blast learning how to connect, develop long-lasting connections turned friendships, and now we want to share the super connector powers with you. 


At Refined by Suher...


Our goal is to change the way we connect in the wedding industry through monthly workshops and networking events, easy to use one-on-one personalized networking calendars, and our all time fave... #WORKSESH. We're here to connect us all through our #REFINEDTRIBE of up-and-coming Refiners. 



Yup, I think we just created a new term... #REFINERS

Being a #SUPERCONNECTOR means giving you that extra push to go all the way to the top.
That is what Refined by Suher is all about. 

I have always been a believer of karma and I must be extra blessed to be able to share my dreams and goals with you all. Thank you to my personal #REFINEDTRIBE!
— Suher


About suHer...

With a little attitude and an accent for days, if you’ve met me, you will never forget me. At times I’m a little louder than others with a heart full of joy and love. I work hard, love hard and fall even harder. I won’t have it any other way. It keeps me real!

My two boys are by far my greatest accomplishments and they have taught me the meaning of “let’s take a break, mum!" Lessons learnt from the past (albeit, harsh ones) coming out the other end with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Food is my spirit animal and a dinner table full of great dishes and conversation warms my soul. Coffee, purple, salsa, and champagne put a smile on my face-- and what I’m planning for the future will put a smile on yours.

Refined by Suher is the mastermind of just that: my experience in the wedding industry and my personal adventures. Refining the way we connect through workshops, interactive #Worksesh meet ups and mastering the networking world through one-on-one sessions. All of the above, plus being your Super Connector are just some of the things we offer. I want our tribe to succeed and I will be there cheering them on. I look forward to sharing more about Refined. Stay tuned!

Photos by: J Justice Photography

Location: La Jolla Cove

Photo by: Kristina Yamamoto

Photo by: Kristina Yamamoto


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